Wasp Spray

Facts about Wasps

Of all the insects in existence, one of the most aggravating and scary would probably be the wasp. The three worst kinds of wasps would be the yellow jacket, the paper wasp and the bold-faced hornet.

  • These wasps sting, and when they do, it is not pretty.
  • Most wasps are not harmful, in fact, most wasps leave people alone, but that is not always the case.
  • Wasp stings can be very painful, and unlike a bee, a wasp can sting someone over and over again.

This is why when going anywhere the wasps will be at; it is always be best to be always armed with a good wasp spray. This spray is going to be the best protection against getting stung.

Types of wasp spray

Not all wasp sprays are the same. There are different types of wasp killer spray. The best spray for wasps will be able to protect you from the wasps that can give very dangerous stings. A really good wasp spray in particular is the Raid wasp spray.

Raid Wasp Spray

Raid has been around for a really long time and they have become a name to be trusted over the years. Although this wasp spray is great for killing the wasps, it is also great at killing other things, too, even humans. For example, it is very harmful for humans and/or pets to ingest any of these chemicals. For wasp elimination essentials, it is also not good if it gets into direct contact to the skin or the eyes. In the case that this would happen, the person should contact poison control immediately and try to find out how to neutralize the chemicals before it affects the system.

Tips in Killing Wasps

When fighting the battles of the wasps, there are a few more tips that could come in really handy in using a wasp spray. One thing would be to get the timing right. Certain times are better than other times to spray for wasps, and it also depends on exactly what type of wasp is the issue at the time.

  • Wasps are known to be quite social insects, and they stick together, especially when attacked. If they are sprayed at the wrong time, a person could find themselves in real trouble.
  • Wasps seem to be most active during the daytime, and for this reason, the best time to spray for these insects is at night. At night, the wasps will be much less likely to attack.
  • Wasps are really attracted to light, so try and refrain from using any kind of flashlight or anything of that nature.

Best times to use wasp spray

Besides timing it out right to spray, there is even a best time of year to do it also. Wasps are mostly a problem through the months of August until October, so it is during these times that it would be best to use these spays. Just as there are many types of wasps, there are also many types of sprays to get rid of them. When trying to get rid of them, just remember, even the best wasp spray or wasp exterminator will work best only at the right time.